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Congratulations to the 2021 Defenders of Capitalism Award Finalists!

Leadership Program of the Rockiesrockies

Mary Callan

Leadership Program of the Rockies

2023 DoC LPR Winner - Mary Callan

Nick Murray

Charter Oak Leadership Program
2023 DoC CLP Winner - Nick Murray

Each year, members of the Leadership Program of the Rockies (LPR) and the Charter Oak Leadership Program (CLP) compete for the coveted Defenders of Capitalism Award, demonstrating their understanding and ability to communicate the moral case for capitalism.

Blog & News

  • May Day for the Mind (5/25/2023) This talk was delivered by Michael Williams on “May Day” - International Workers Day - May 1, 2023, to economics students, professors, and administrators at Ben Gurion University in Be'er-Sheva, Israel as part of the Free-Market Road Show, presented by the Austrian Economic Center. What the world needs now, more than anything, is a Mayday call for the mind.  No, I don’t mean “May Day”, as in the tired, mostly obsolete labor movements of the… Read More >>
  • Mike Speaking – Free Market Road Show Europe (4/4/2023) May 1- May 7, 2023 Read More >>

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Who We Are

The Defenders of Capitalism Project™ is a for-profit organization committed to educating producers, leaders and achievers about capitalism and why we need to defend and champion the only moral socio-economic system in history.

What Your Peers are Saying

“I was startled how much the storyline of Atlas Shrugged mirrored certain realities I saw our country facing. Government force, the diminishment of reason, and the rejection of personal ingenuity, effort, and property only to name a few. Defenders of Capitalism has given me the framework to challenge such assaults. Whether in discussions with my family, friends, neighbors, fellow congregants, school board members, law enforcement, local business owners and even my medical providers, I openly share my learnings from Defenders of Capitalism and its application to current events. People are looking for language to express their confusion and frustrations. Without the foundation I gained through the Defenders of Capitalism coursework, I too may have been struggling for words. Instead, I am empowering fellow citizens to express why our country, and the world, must fight to uphold the means of production, the free exchange of value, and the rights of private ownership.”

Karen Hoida, Class of 2015 – Defenders of Capitalism Award
Director of Risk Management, General Counsel’s Office, Compassion International

“In condensing Atlas Shrugged and Economics in One Lesson, Michael Williams’ Defenders of Capitalism program taught me more important lessons than I ever learned from my Harvard econ degree. The focus on the human mind as the most important resource, the morality of capitalism, the inviolability of property rights and the connection to our founding heritage as well as a pathway for more human happiness and productivity is crucial for any/all aspiring leaders – in politics, journalism or business.”

Kimberly Fiorello, CLP Class of 2020
CT State Representative, Greenwich and Stamford
Former West Point Cadet & Harvard Grad, Former Reporter WSJ Hong Kong Bureau, Inventor

“Defenders of Capitalism gave me a new appreciation of the importance of fighting for individualism, individual rights, limited government, and capitalism to secure the vision our founders put into words in the Declaration of Independence. Michael Williams expertly explains why capitalism is the only socio-political system that secures our rights. This topic could easily become a dry, academic exercise, but Mike brings it to life with real examples comparing our current welfare state society with true capitalism, challenging the audience to question–and correct–their premises. I highly recommend Defenders of Capitalism to anybody for answers to America’s moral, political, and economic challenges.”

Anders Ingemarson, LPR Class of 2011
Author of “Think Right or Wrong, Not Left or Right: A 21st Century Citizen Guide” Blogger at www.separatestateandtheeconomy.com

“I had the honor of earning the first Defenders of Capitalism Award and the opportunity to be a judge on subsequent panels. It is a crucial part of the entire LPR experience and it’s only gotten better. As an entrepreneur, I’ve seen firsthand how bureaucrats, politicians and judges – who’ve often never read the constitution they swear to uphold – are ruining this country. Mike and I had a common language, both having gone through Strategic Coach Program and it’s fantastic how he and Shari are using material from Ayn Rand, Dan Sullivan, the Austrians and the Founders to educate a whole new generation of leaders in Colorado, and now Connecticut. In 2020, it’s clear to me that we desperately need more programs like Defenders of Capitalism and LPR.”

Eric Weissmann, Class of 2008, Defenders of Capitalism Award
Private Equity Investor/Board Member & Equity Sponsor: Capco/Managing Director Kachi
Partners/Founder Centazo, Decisioneering, Beatrice

“The Defenders of Capitalism brought the experience to a different level. Understanding and being able to defend the moral principles of capitalism is more important now than ever, and the reason I joined LPR”.

Edward Brady, LPR Class of 2020
Deputy Chief of Police, Arvada Colorado

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