Defend and Grow Your Capital

Creating, maintaining, and growing capital is what capitalism is all about. Defend it through stewardship, discipline, and self-expression. Here are the top 10 ways to do so:

10)     Gratitude. Be thankful for what you have and are right now.

9)       Accept that all progress starts with the truth.

8)       Understand the basics: production precedes consumption, no entitlements, must trade value for value, the creative human mind is the source of all wealth. Be a Learning Machine.

7)       Develop a good filter, prioritize who you spend time with, what you think about and what you spend your money on.

6)       Spend less than you earn.

5)       Think long term and use compounding.

4)       Diversify when you don’t know, concentrate when you do.

3)       Know and avoid the enemies of wealth: yourself (guilt, fear, and bias), looters (taxation), moochers (inflation).

2)       Advocate for reason, individual rights, and freedom.  Do not fund and nurture your enemies.

1)      Live. Live, enjoy, and share your wealth.