Capital Idea Podcast

Mike Williams’ CAPITAL IDEA podcast series explores the economic, historical, empirical, and moral case for laissez faire capitalism. CAPITAL IDEA is an intelligent, sometimes capricious, often irreverent discussion for honest people of all political persuasions who want to better understand the only moral economic system.

Let’s face it, our day-to-day activity IS economics—they call it microeconomics but where’s the connection to the broader issues? CAPITAL IDEA is here to help you chew on these ideas including how YOUR economy relates to the bigger picture.

Flying solo, Mike Williams integrates his experience both as a capitalist and as a teacher/facilitator of the Defenders of Capitalism Project™. Mike’s frequent guests add insight and perspective as they probe diverse topics—with a common thread: ideas that will broaden your understanding of why defending, sustaining, and advancing capitalism are crucial to the survivability of freedom and human flourishing in America and the world.