The Defenders of Capitalism Project™ is a for-profit organization committed to educating producers, leaders and achievers about capitalism and why we need to defend and champion the only moral socio-economic system in history.

The Defenders of Capitalism™ Project has been a successful component of the Leadership Program of the Rockies (LPR) —a Colorado-based program that trains influential members of the community using a three pronged “proximity impact model”, the components of which are 1) the sanctity of the individual, 2) the proper role of government and 3) the importance of having engaged/informed citizens.  At its core, LPR has been teaching the principles of the American Founding along with free-market principles, how to apply those principles to political and social issues, as well as how to message around concrete issues—for more than twenty years.  To date, over 1,200 individuals have had the opportunity to experience the Defenders of Capitalism™ curriculum which includes direct testing of class members’ understanding of Atlas Shrugged.  These individuals exit the program having learned that the only proper defense of Capitalism is a moral defense based on Ayn Rand’s teachings.  LPR has been successful in Colorado, due in large part because of DoC, and we now have a self-reinforcing network of community leaders – some political office holders at the local, state and national levels, but more importantly other influencers including 5 Denver radio hosts, school choice entrepreneurs, philanthropic directors, law enforcement officers, energy thought leaders, several focused grassroots organizations (including the Steamboat Institute) that are changing the culture toward freedom and individual rights.

Our Team


Founder & President

Michael Williams created the Defenders of Capitalism Project™ originally created to be a crucial component of the Leadership Program of the Rockies curriculum, which has grown into this project today and a specialty class of both the Leadership Program of the Rockies and the Charter Oak Leadership Program. LPR and CLP train emerging leaders in America’s founding principles and leadership skills necessary to impact public policy. DoC adds value by providing standalone modules that teach the moral and historical case for laissez faire for campus, business, and community groups.

Outside of Defenders of Capitalism Project™, Mike is the founder & president of ALTIUS Financial, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. He brings over 30 years’ experience in financial planning and wealth management and has earned numerous client service and investment advisory awards. He speaks frequently to radio audiences, community and campus groups on investment and economic themes, and has toured internationally with the Free Market Road Show for the Austrian Economics Center.  Mike is a member of the prestigious Mont Pelerin Society, and serves on the Board of the Steamboat Institute and is active with many public policy groups.





Assistant Director


Erik Sandstrom, Williams’ primary collaborator, is the 2016 winner of the coveted Defender of Capitalism™ Award given to the student best able to apply the concepts in Atlas Shrugged to contemporary political and social issues.  Sandstrom, a 2016 graduate of the Leadership Program of the Rockies, has a background in Austrian Economics, and has adopted Rand’s ideas to fill in the critical moral and ethical pieces of his ideology, where Austrian Economics falls short.

Erik graduated in May 2010 from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, as well as minors in Political Science and Spanish. He has also been a board member of the Carbon Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Johnstown-Milliken Chamber of Commerce. As well as a member of the Colfax Steering Committee, Aurora Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs and Education Committee, and Adams County Connects Planning Committee.