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Social Policy with a Side of Chips

Scott Lincicome is one of the best writers on free markets.  You should subscribe to his stuff at The Dispatch. In this article, he exposes the cronyism and waste of the CHIPS Act. – Michael Williams

Social Policy With a Side of Chips – The Dispatch

By Scott Lincicome – March 8, 2023

Dear Capitolisters,

Well, you can’t say you weren’t warned.…

Two Ways Trade Creates Wealth

I thought this article by Art Carden (AIER) was excellent – it’s amazing how people don’t understand an activity they take part in every single day, namely trading with others. Hope you enjoy and share it. – Michael Williams

Two Ways Trade Creates Wealth | AIER

by Art Carden – February 20, 2023

We trade so frequently that we don’t even think about it any longer.… Read more >>

The Supreme Court Decision on the EPA is A Win For Constitution and the Free Market

by Helen Raleigh

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled to limit the Environmental Protection Agency’s powers to curb greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants on the ground that the agency has exceeded authorities granted by the U.S. Congress. The ruling is a win for the Constitution and the free market.… Read more >>