Defenders of Capitalism

2023 Winners – Nick Murray & Mary Callan

2023 DoC CLP Winner - Nick Murray

CLP 2023 Winner – Nick Murray

2023 DoC LPR Winner - Mary Callan

LPR 2023 Winner – Mary Callan

CLP 2023
Matthew Raimondi – Runner Up
Andrew Fowler – Runner Up
Tim Busler
Stephanie Edmonds
John Hess
Adrienne Price
Danele Rhoads
Brendan Saunders
Greg Scalzo
Jennifer Tafuto

LPR 2023
Melissa Cairns – Runner Up
Roger Pattison – Runner Up
Travis Williams
Margo Simpson
Taylor Dolan
Julie Palmer
Dusty Brailsford
Marcus Fotenos
DeeDee Vicino


May Day for the Mind

This talk was delivered by Michael Williams on “May Day” – International Workers Day – May 1, 2023, to economics students, professors, and administrators at Ben Gurion University in Be’er-Sheva, Israel as part of the Free-Market Road Show, presented by the Austrian Economic Center.Read more >>