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Net neutrality and Title II regulation of broadband

by Mike Rivers
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to regulate broadband internet yesterday (under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934). This move is being heralded as a big victory for the little guy. In reality, it is the victory of those with more political influence over those with less.… Read more >>

Should You Have a Vision Greater Than Self?

by Don Beezley
It’s common to try and motivate folks by urging them to “have a vision greater than self” i.e., to place something else above the value of the individual. It sounds appealing—we all want our lives to have meaning, be a part of great causes, make a difference and leave the world a better place.… Read more >>

Eric Weissman On Syria

Eric Weissmann

Dear Friends:
It’s been a while since I wrote you – but the crossroads facing our nation is too important not to be addressed. The President should be commended for following the Constitutional order and referring questions of initiating hostilities to the Congress. … Read more >>

Three Cheers for Tim Cook!

If you believe that America has big problems because our culture no longer recognizes rights, encourages innovation or celebrates success – then you gotta be a little encouraged by Apple’s CEO.  If you are looking for some spine amongst the producers of the world to get involved in the battle for our culture, Mr.Read more >>

“Illegal” immigrants and Nuremburg

by Harry Binswanger
(posted with permission from HBL:
Other than (most) HBLers, virtually everyone regards “illegal” immigration as dishonorable, if not contemptible. There is a stain of dishonor here, but it brands the illegalizers. Making free, peaceful travel illegal is a grave violation of rights, the rights of immigrants and of the Americans who would trade with, learn from, and befriend them.… Read more >>

Free Speech goes with Free Markets

It’s interesting to see a sort of a slow but growing alarm on the part of both sides of the political aisle over President Obama signing HR 347 which is purportedly to correct and simplify the language of an earlier law that makes restrictions on free speech or protests around certain government buildings or grounds. … Read more >>

A Better Movie: “A Better Life”

I want to highly recommend a movie:  “A Better Life”.  Anyone who fights for freedom should see it.  It’s a simple, yet profound story and even if you’re not pro-capitalism but have any interest in immigration issues, child rearing, or the future of this country, you’ll want to see it and discuss with people you respect. … Read more >>

Bring on the Competition

Are you competitive? Of course you are. So am I.

I remember hot summer days, strutting onto the tennis court with my brothers and dad. Each of us slipped into our routine: twirling racquets, checking the net, stretching, sizing each other up, talking noise about a thunderous serve or someone’s weak backhand or who won last.… Read more >>